Its Matt Allen

I’m also known as sdmix around the web, may sound a bit like a DJ, but I much prefer dancing in a hard house club than choosing the beats, instead I’m a creative. I focus on interactivity, photography and film. Creating awesome user interfaces and journeys through products that customers love to use.

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Making it up as I go along.

I like to dive into anything creative. The things I’ve done in my life shows that I’m not afraid to dive into the unknown, to learn by doing and to get the job done. I don’t shy away from a challenge; in fact I thrive on them. I’m at my best when I’m around creative people, doing what they love to do. As an avid photographer, I’ve always shown my life through pictures; this year I hope to transfer the skills I’ve accumulated to the medium of film.

I am an extremely enthusiastic person with a passion and vision that is always looking to the future. I keep on top of the latest technology trends and I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate this into my workflow.

Taking on projects that always expand my skill set gives me a new challenge and I am always looking to learn new abilities to help me with my work. Due to this I have become much more than a designer, I can also develop, manage and plan, helping out at all stages of a project. While more recently beginning to run my own servers for things such as email and hosting has given me experience of system administration as well as taking on open source projects for the community.

They say:

“Find a job doing what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” — Confucius

This is what I do, and this is what I love.

What I do, what I’ve done

I currently work as a Digital Designer at BSkyB working within Sky Betting & Gaming. I have a Bachelor of Arts (BAHons) in Interactive Design from the awesome University of Lincoln.

Being an interactive designer means that I’m not only a creative, but also part developer. I understand how code is written and the limitations of modern technology; this means that I don’t create un-needed complexity in my designs and I even produce early prototypes. I’ve become a wiz at using tools like vim and git to help me demonstrate my ideas to a wide audience quickly.

In the past, I’ve done many freelance photography shoots, focusing mainly on portraits/group shots, these skills then lead me to cinematography and diving into the world of video. I get involved activily online, I've found the need to contribute back to the comunities that have gotten me where I am today, being a big believer in Open Source software, this is where I'm aiming to get involved as much as I can.

You can find my work from around the web using the links below.

This site was a massive achievement for me, you can read more about this over on my first blog post.

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