This is a fresh start.

Well now, howdy!

So over the last few months to kick start my 2013 I've deciced to dive back into code and I thought the best way to do that was to rebuild my website from the ground up.

I've learnt lots of new things recently, mainly thanks to the fantastic advice of Harry Roberts and his open source framework inuit.css. Although I'm not using inuit.css as a framework for this website, the knowledge has allowed me to make use of tools like vim and Sass, start version control on my website via GitHub and making use of OOCSS.

The new identity. What can you expect?

So for those who have been here before and followed my old tumblr based portfolio and blog, some things will be similar. You'll notice however I've given my personal brand a nice kickstart and have written myself some style guidelines, I intend to write a blog post on in the future. I've now got full power over my code, so I'm hoping that the site is feeling snappier and more responsive. Speaking of which, you can view this site on all your devices and screen sizes, go ahead, grab the corner of your browser and shrink it down to see what happens.

With all of this means I'll be able to post more to my style and brand, keep things in the right places, and give you guys a better reading experience. I do hope you a loving the big type in comparison to my old site!

You can expect this blog to be filled with all sorts of cool posts, on design, development and awesome topics from the life itself.

Help a Designer out.

My main skill set dives me deep into creativity, photography and film, not developing and therefore putting my site up on GitHub allows you to view my code and how I've done what I have here. So if you notice anything a bit wrong, or have any tips on ways I can keep on improving how I am doing things please open up an issue over there and allow me to keep this flow going.

Although its quite obvious, my site is not open to be copied and still falls under the same copyright as all my other content which I place online. Please respect that. By all means dive through the code (especially if you're a designer!) and learn what you can from it, also make sure to check out the places I've learnt what I now know from (see above) if you are interested in diving into code.

Signing off

that sdmix guy Matt Allen

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