My Work

The projects I've been involved with are a great way for me to learn new things and give me the chance to work with interesting and inspiring new people. Here is a collection of some of the work that I've done with some great people and some peronal pojects at the bottom.

It's a little rough around the edges, I'm updating my site at the moment to include more of my work over the last few years.

Sky Betting & Gaming (2012-present)

Sky Poker (2012-14)

Rebuilding the game client in HTML5

Creating the future of the Sky Poker gaming client by recreating it's Flash client as a modern product with performace, UI design and easy future development the key deliverables. Being able to create features fast, release often and offer improvements based on user testing and feedback while keeping the design flexible, allowing customisation and giving users control over their gameplay was a difficult task to complete. Poker users don't like change, some also play 15 tables plus on a 19" monitor and have varing computer hardware ranging from basic laptops to high end desktops, they all needed to be considered and carefully thought out to make this product work how they expected online poker to work. The UI needed to work as well at a small size as it does fullscreen with the user having an easy to follow expeience regardless of their choice in window size. This meant trying every possible eventuality and making sure everything could be used and understood throughout gameplay.

Take the tables for a spin over at Sky Poker.

My Free Time

Photography (ongoing)

I’ve loved photography ever since I was old enough to pick up a camera. I like to capture the emotion of a moment, the memories of a lifetime and tell my story though the eyes of a camera lense. I often get out and about with my camera, you can see my photo stories over at my Flickr page

Batch Webfont (2013)

Turning some lovely icons into a pixel perfect web-font. Adam Whitcroft created the Batch icon pack which contains over 300+ beautifully crafted icons for you to use in your projects. Due to the awesomeness of these icons, I took up the task of creating the webfont to suppliment them. This involved turning the 300+ icons into pixel perfect font vectors. Using Adobe Illustrator and the Glyphs app I re-created his icons ready to be using in any web project and compatible with all major browsers.

Go take a gander over at the Batch website.

Personal Branding (2011)

This is itsmattallen and sdmix all rolled into one.

My personal branding has been one of those love hate relationships that I never know if I'm actually happy with, but this has stuck so far. I required both an online style and a stamp/logo which I could use to watermark photography and use in projects.