My Projects

I like projects. They are a great way to learn new things and to get involved with interesting and inspiring new people. Here is a collection of my favourite work, both new and old, in no order whatsoever. So go dive in.

This list is a work in progress at the moment as I continue to update my site during this refresh. Each project will soon have it's own section you can go digging around, with detailed backup work, theory and processes on how it came to be.

Google Packs

Imagining Google products were sold on the high street. A company that has grown up on the internet has built a set of products that would fit in no other place, or would they? Google Packs brings the idea of a life with Google without their services first starting on the internet. You buy the bits you need and get stuck in. Incorporating the latestest technology into a Google Identification Card (ID) you take it with you everywhere, it’s your wallet, your loyalty cards, your business card. It gives you access to the services you have subscribed to and lets you manage your online identity. It’s the way Google could have been.


I’ve loved photography ever since I was old enough to pick up a camera. I like to capture the emotion of a moment, the memories of a lifetime and tell my story though the eyes of a camera lense. I often get out and about with my camera, you can see my photo stories over at my Flickr page


The television operating system of the future. Designed from the ground up to connect all your degital services into one, slick interface that makes making the most of your smart TV, simple. People don’t like remotes, and normally with aditional services (like cable, Blu-rays and media streamers) they all require an extra box, and with that, an extra remote. immerse is designed to combine all those different ways to connect your media and build them into your TV.

Batch Webfont

Turning some lovely icons into a pixel perfect web-font. Adam Whitcroft created the Batch icon pack which contains over 300+ beautifully crafted icons for you to use in your projects. Due to the awesomeness of these icons, I took up the task of creating the webfont to suppliment them. This involved turning the 300+ icons into pixel perfect font vectors. Using Adobe Illustrator and the Glyphs app I re-created his icons ready to be using in any web project and compatible with all major browsers.

Go take a gander over at the Batch website.

Sky Poker - HTML5 Game Client

Creating the future of the Sky Poker gaming client by creating a modern product with performace, design and future development being the key deliverables. Being able to create features fast, release often and offer improvements based on user testing and feedback while keeping the design flexible, allowing customisation and giving users control over their gameplay was a difficult task to complete. Users don't like change, they play 15 tables plus on a 19" monitor and have varing computer hardware ranging from basic laptops to high end desktops, they all needed to be considered and carefully thought out to make this product work how they expected online poker to work. The product is in continuious development.

Take the tables for a spin over at Sky Poker.

My Design Manifesto

I, the undersigned…

This is how I try to work. This is my design manifesto. A brief for my University degree. I was to create a personal manifesto that aligned to my creative practice as a curious and enthusiastic design student. The content and method in which it is presented became a public declaration of my intentions, beliefs and principles as an emerging designer at the time. I loved how this came out so much, I still try to live by these principles today. It’s also a stupidly large poster on my wall, so it’s hard to miss.

Personal Branding

This is itsmattallen and sdmix all rolled into one.

My personal branding has taken a long time and a large amount of effort to get correct. I required both an online style and a stamp/logo which I could use to watermark photography and use in projects. This ended up with me using 3 shapes that enclosed in the circle that you see at the top of this page.