Matt Allen

Interactive Design & Photography

I like to create user focused interfaces and designs for the web and beyond.

A gadget addict who’s a sucker for a fun game, roller coaster nutcase and a photographer fuelled almost entirely by tea and cake.

I'm currently open for new work oportunities and adventures

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The companies I've been involved with have been a great way for me to learn new things and given me the chance to work on interesting ideas with inspiring teams of people. I'm currently open for new work oportunities and adventures, after 7 years working as an Interaction Designer at Sky Betting & Gaming I'm ready for my next challange.

Work projects

Check out some projects below, you can also find me on LinkedIn for more details.

Unfortunately, due to intellectual property rights, requests from companies or NDAs, I can't show a lot of the work or behind the scenes breakdowns and details that I've been involved with on my website. If you'd like to know more or have a chat about my work please get in touch.

Sky Poker

Sky Vegas

Sky Bingo

Sky Poker - Table Redesign

Sky Bingo - Arcade

Sky Bingo - Prize Burst

Sky Vegas - Navigation

Sky Vegas - In Game

Skycons - Icon Font

Uni, others or just for fun

Here you can find some of the other work I've done, either for other people, part of my University course (2009-12) or just for fun.

Deevstock Festival - Logo & Icon stamp

University - TV Interface & Remote

University - Immerse - Branding

Batch Web Font

University - Animated Type

University - The Human Tamagotchi Game